Ice Hockey Pucks (Junior)

Ice Hockey Pucks (Young Players) / Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional rubber products manufacturing company, product applications covering industry, automobiles, medical furniture , precision instruments to sporting goods.

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Ice Hockey Pucks (Junior) | Rubber Product Manufacturer - Huashen

Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. is a Ice Hockey Pucks (Junior) manufacturer from Taiwan. They have been offering industrial rubber products for applications in sporting goods, musical instruments, pet toys, medical, industry, furniture, precision instruments, since 1978.

Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of rubber products. Our product range covers from rubber caster wheel to sporting goods. We are more focus on producing high quality industrial wheel, caster wheel, furniture wheel, heavy duty wheel, shopping cart wheel, luggage wheel, squash ball, and racquetball.

With 35 years of experience, Huashen has developed the synthetic rubber technology to meet customers' needs, regardless of rubber wheels, rubber balls, light and heavy duty casters' manufacturing.

Ice Hockey Pucks (Junior)


Ice Hockey Pucks (Young Players)


  • Part #: HI343-00
  • Ball Dia. (mm) : 76
  • Ball Width (mm) : 26
  • Ball Type : Solid Balls
  • Fit Players : Young Hockey Players
  • Note : Black Ball


  1. Ice hockey pucks (young players).
  2. Printing customized logo on balls.
  3. Rubber solid balls.


Part # Ball Dia. (mm) Ball Width (mm) Ball Type Fit Players Note
HI339-00 76 26 Solid Balls Offical Games Black Ball
HI343-00 76 26 Solid Balls Young Hockey Plays Black Ball
HI344-00 76 26 PVC Hollow & Soft Balls Beginner Orange Ball
HI345-00 76 26 PVC Hollow & Hard Balls Beginner Orange Ball

Huashen Company is a manufacturer and distributor of rubber balls, rubber wheels and rubber products. Ice hockey pucks, lacrosse balls, lacsal balls racketballs, racquetballs, double yellow dot squash balls, single yellow dot squash balls, white dot squash balls, red dot squash balls, blue dot squash balls, green dot squash balls, double yellow dot white squash balls.

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