Racketballs manufacturing | Squash Balls & Racquetball Manufacturer | Huashen

Racketballs manufacturing / Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional rubber products manufacturing company, product applications covering industry, automobiles, medical furniture, precision instruments to sporting goods.

Racketballs | Squash Balls & Racquetball Manufacturer | Huashen

Based in Taiwan since 1978, Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. has been a rubber sports balls, rubber wheels and casters manufacturer. Their major rubber products include, Racketballs, squash balls, racketballs, racquetballs, ice hockey pucks, rubber wheels, heavy duty, medium duty and light duty swivel casters that comply with ROHS, REACH, PAHS, CPSIA and other environmental regulations. Manufacture rubber wheels for luggage, automobiles, furniture, instruments and sporting goods.

More then 35 years bounding rubber experience to making various types of rubber product form design to finished products, and with superior product quality and efficiency. Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of rubber products. Our product range covers from rubber caster wheel to sporting goods. We are more focus on producing high quality industrial wheel, caster wheel, furniture wheel, heavy duty wheel, shopping cart wheel, luggage wheel, squash ball, and racquetball.

Huashen has been offering customers rubber sports balls, rubber wheels and casters, both with high-quality manufacturing technology and 35 years of experience, Huashen ensures each customer's demands are met.