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Ice Hockey Pucks manufacturing | high-quality solid rubber wheels manufacturer

Ice Hockey Pucks | Premium Plastic Wheels for Versatile Usage | Huashen Innovations

Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of rubber products, including Ice Hockey Pucks, industrial casters, solid rubber wheels, and sports balls. Established in 1978, they focus on durability and precision, and meet strict global standards such as ROHS and REACH. This focus ensures high-quality products suitable for the automotive, medical, and sports industries, making them a trusted supplier for diverse market needs.

Huashen is a seasoned manufacturer from Taiwan, specializes in high-quality rubber products designed for diverse industrial, automotive, and sporting applications. Their extensive product line includes robust casters, solid rubber and plastic wheels, and precision-engineered sports balls. Huashen is committed to excellence and sustainability, adhering to global environmental standards like ROHS and REACH. This focus ensures reliable and eco-friendly solutions for clients worldwide, enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors.

Huashen has been offering customers reliable plastic wheels for businesses, both with high-quality manufacturing technology and 35 years of experience, Huashen ensures each customer's demands are met.