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Company Profile

Welcome to Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd.

Huashen Rubber Co., Ltd. in Huatan , Changhua Taiwan from 1978 is a professional rubber products manufacturing company, main products are squash balls, racquetballs, racketballs, pet balls, rubber pet toys, squeeze balls, rubber balls, hockey pucks, rubber electronic cymbals, rubber drumhead, rubber wheels, solid rubber wheels, semi-pneumatic rubber wheels, plastic & nylon wheels, casters, rubber parts and rubber products. Our products applications covering sporting goods, musical instruments, pet toys, medical, industry, furniture, precision instruments.

Huashen our in-house manufacturing capabilities includes tooling design, rubber materials, mastication , sheeting, curing , forming and assembly to manufacture a quality product from top to bottom. To keep up with our customer expectation, such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance , cold resistance , resistant to chemicals and solvents, high shock impact resistance, electrical conductivity, anti-static ... and so on characteristics of rubber. We pursue continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do; we are committed to ever better products, processes, systems and people.

Our abounding rubber experience allows us to develop products meet your request. Both of quality and technology have been gotten good reputation from customers. This is always to ensure our products meet customers expect. With our professional knowledge and quick customers response, we sincerely hope we can have the opportunity to work with you.

Corporate Milestones
1978Company established to produce industrial rubber wheels in Chuanghua City. The main products are wheels and casters.
1987Company moved to Huaten, Chuanghua, Taiwan.
1990Founded laboratory.
1997ISO 9002 Certified.
2003Passed ISO 9001:2000.
2004Commenced production of Squash balls. Gained the WSF(World Squash Federation) certification.
2007Commenced production of Pala balls.
2008Commenced production of Racketballs and Racquetballs.
2009Commenced production of the new pet balls and Pet toys.
2011Commenced production of Semi-Pneumatic rubber wheels.
2013Commenced production of Ice Hockey pucks.
2014Commenced production of Rubber electronic cymbals and Rubber drumhead.
Corporate Philosophy
  • Value Creation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Continuing Innovation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sustainable Development
About Huashen Rubber
Quality and R&D

Huashen's products are highly recognized by well-known customers in the world becuase of good quality. Its customers include OEM, ODM, and other distributors.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the consciousness of environmental protection were growing, and people started to become aware that to achieve sustainable development. Our products complete with ROHS, REACH, PAHS, CPSIA and other environmental regulations.

Thank you for visiting our website, and expect us to have the opportunity to create win-win.


Professional rubber product production

One-stop service from rubber material development, mold development, sample submission, product mass production, to packaging and shipment.

Reliable Enterprise

Since 1978, more than 40 years of market service experience.

Professional Rubber Technology

Product applications cover casters, furniture, ball games, medical, industrial, electronic musical instruments.

Win-Win Policy

We uphold the common prosperity and development with our customers, which is the way of sustainability.

Approved to WSF Specification

World Squash Federation